Combat Detectives of Iraq

From Strategypage.com, James Dunnigan writes about "Combat Detectives of Iraq," the military application of police investigative techniques in Iraq:

In Iraq, military intelligence specialists have been eagerly investigating how police in the United States investigate, and identify criminal gangs back home. That’s because the enemy in Iraq typically belongs to a criminal, or terrorist group, that operates like a gang. There are cultural differences, and dealing with these quirks causes the most problems. On the positive side, there is a large industry in the United States that supplies special software to police departments, for handling investigations. This stuff is basically database software with formats and analysis abilities tweaked to assist police investigations. These programs have been revolutionizing detective work over the last two decades. It took a few months, after the invasion, for the intel people in Iraq to become aware of this software, and they were helped greatly by reservists who were police commanders or detectives in their civilian jobs.

[ . . . ]

Terrorist attacks are treated like serial criminals. This type of criminal behavior is most widely known when it is murder. But there are many kinds of serial crime, and U.S. intel specialists found that attacks on Iraqi police and U.S. troops was, in most cases, just another serial crime. The perpetrators would often follow a pattern, one that the software could pick out. One thing leads to another, and arrests often result. DNA analysis and all the tools you see on CSI, are brought to bear. It’s no accident that the 4th Infantry Division captured Saddam Hussein. The 4th Infantry is the most high tech outfit in the army, with more geeks per battalion than any other combat organization.

Another application they are finding useful is geneolgical software, since many of the Iraqi gangs are clan or family based.

In another capacity,law enforcement knowledge is being applied in Iraq by one of our own NYPD officers, Brian Little of the 7th Precinct. This story from the Daily News, "City Cop Training Iraqi Police, "from February 8th, may have expired already, but is worth reading for this:

So far, training the P[ublic] O[rder] B[attalion] involves training them to fight like an army but deal with people with the politeness - well, respect - of New York City cops. "We try to instill in them that they're here to protect the public, try not to break things, apologize for bringing our muddy boots into their homes. We talk to them with respect; same as we do in New York City -courtesy, professionalism and respect," he said, citing the slogan on the city's police cars.

After talking about some of his colleagues back in the precinct, Little mused, "I wish I had some of those guys here."


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